Book-keeping is the day to day recording of financial transactions such as bank receipts, payments, purchase and sales invoices etc. It is vital that a business keeps on top of their book-keeping in order to ensure that bills are paid on time, customer deposits are collected, financial records are ready for year end procedures etc.

G Salomon & Co provides tailored book-keeping services to businesses of all sizes. By taking away the chore of book-keeping from your business, we allow you to concentrate on running the operational side of the business. We can provide periodic creditors and debtors reports (amongst others) enabling you to keep on top of your supplier and customer activities. A book-keeping schedule can be designed to fit around your business needs, whether it be on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis for example. The service can be carried out at your premises, or remotely at G Salomon & Co Chartered Accountants.